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Hi Diva! 

My name is Zinzer Jay.
I am a non-binary actor, playwright, digital strategist, grassroots activist, competitive boxer, future Survivor contestant, and a self-described "Jester For Justice"

My work centers the queer experience and all the buffoonery that comes with it! Aiming to bring as much levity, heart, and joy into our stories as possible!


Thank you so much for visiting my page! Seriously. I did this myself and it took like a million mind numbing clicks, so you reading these words makes furiously throwing my laptop against a wall and waiting six hours at the Atlantic Barclay's Apple Store to get it repaired allllll worth it!

Watch my videos, listen to my music, look at my pictures, and then offer me ample employment opportunities and lots of money(?)

IG: @zinzerjay 

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