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"A  Jester For Justice" 

Zinzer Jay (they/them) is a non-binary performer, playwright, political strategist, and self-described “jester for justice.” They strive to imbue humor and a frothy frivolity into every aspect of their work, both on the stage and on the campaign trail, because they staunchly believe that radical joy is an integral ingredient to achieving a collective and sustainable liberation.


Zinzer has utilized their theatrical background (University of Michigan, The Juilliard School) to reinvent and revitalize the political organizing process - this is not your Dad's America anymore, honey!


They have designed interactive workshops, led grassroots initiatives, and executed large scale digital organizing campaigns for the Biden-Harris Administration, Stacey Abrams ‘22, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, Broadway Advocacy Coalition, and Elizabeth Warren’s presidential bid.


Previous written works include: Tale As Old As Time (dir. Christian Borle); They, B, C’s; Diary of a Snowflake; Dynamite: A Wicked Sweet Musical and Stitches: A Solo Show. 

IG: @zinzerjay 

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