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A Fly In Tennessee

CAST: 2 M, 2 F, 1 M/F


PREMIERE: National Theatre Institute (Workshop), 2016

Expanded from a poem inspired by the dramas of Tennessee Williams, A Fly In Tennessee, tells the story of a seemingly perfect family when behind closed doors. 

From the perspective of a fly on the wall, the audience sees a family on the brink, choosing reputation over reality. Our narrator, The Fly, tells the story of the Gibson's through heightened verse. 

First workshopped at the Eugene O'Neill Theatre Center through the National Theatre Institute, A Fly In Tennessee confronts sexual assault, domestic abuse, and teenage suicide. It is a story about familial dynamics and the pressures of keeping face in a society demanding perfection. 

"My, Oh My," thought the fly on the wall, "If Only I Could Speak So I Could Tell You All..."

Rehearsing at Nat. Theatre Institute

A picture of the set in "The Pub"

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