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A Wicked Sweet Musical

Music & Lyrics by Zinzer Jay* and Aidan Ziegler-Hansen
Book by Zinzer Jay*
Adapted from the Fox Searchlight Pictures' feature film, by Jared and Jerusha Hess

*Zinzer went by "Luke" during time of production and recording

Cast Album Is Out! Link here!

CAST: 8 M, 9 F



DYNAMITE dabbles in Magical Realism and follows a Brechtian style and structure.

The show opens with Napoleon Dynamite, our narrator, explaining to the audience what they are about to experience: a musical of his life. Napoleon is rather annoyed by the idea, stating it is “freakin stupid” because “nothing is going to happen.” Little does he know, the music is about to take on a life of its own.

Without music, the characters are deadpan and droll, very reminiscent of the stylistic tone of the movie. However, when the music plays, the characters are popped out of their subdued personas and are launched into a song-and-dance, larger-than-life existence. As soon as the musical numbers end, the characters pop right back into their monotonous lifestyles.

This contrast sharply illustrates the juxtaposition of what our characters are thinking/feeling versus what they choose to show to the outside world. Everyone embraces the magic of the music, except for Napoleon, who becomes more and more disgruntled as the music starts to influence what happens in his world.

Nap. Large .jpg

Featuring: McKenzie Kurtz (Wicked, Frozen), Simon Longnight (Hamilton), Leanne Antonio (The Lion King), Noah Kieserman (Dear Evan Hansen), Gian Perez (Sing Street!), Nevada Riley (Beetlejuice)

So exciting to be invited to Philly by the cast of the original film and hear their feedback and support!
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Dynamite: A Wicked Sweet Musical is written for artistic growth and the non-commercial enjoyment of its creators and other Napoleon Dynamite fans. It is in no way sponsored, approved, endorsed by or affiliated with Fox Searchlight, Jared and Jerusha Hess, or any of their affiliates 

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